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About Evergreen Landscaping

It is important to provide the public with a means of discerning quality companies in the landscaping industry. Quality and knowledgeable landscapers are competent in many areas of landscaping including climates, soils, vegetation, pests, growth patterns and chemicals. In addition, they adhere to a strict safety policy to keep clients, employees and property from harm.


Evergreen Landscaping Services is a member of the Alabama Nursery and Landscape Association (ALNLA). This association was established in 1951 as a professional association for those involved in and allied to the landscape and ornamental horticulture industry.


Evergreen Landscaping is licensed by the state as a certified landscaper.

Licenses include:

Ornamental Turf and Pest Control (OPTC) license: This category includes commercial applicators using or supervising the use of restricted use pesticides to control pests in the maintenance and production of ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers and turf.

Setting of Landscape Plants (SLP) license: This certification is required when a person engages in the actual setting (installation) of landscape plants. Such person shall have adequate knowledge and ability to perform cultural, pruning and other practices necessary to establish and maintain the landscape planting.


Keeping clients and employees of Evergreen Landscaping safe is of primary importance. It is our intention to comply with all EPA and OSHA standards, federal and state legislation, as well as the safety policies and procedures of our clients. Evergreen employees are trained and expected to comply with our safety policy.

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